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MAG BOX Solutions

1.Container Conversion

Recycling Shipping Containers

The shipping containers might look basic and simple but are a useful base structure in a number of designs and applications if you have a creative mind. These shipping containers can be converted into infinite tailored and customized designs. We have been serving the container conversions since 2005 to a number of potential clients. We have covered a wide range of projects throughout the UAE and GCC. We include the services from the meeting of the clients over your place or in our office to working over your project in order to acquire the objective time and within your budget. We ensure the delivery of quality work and sticking throughout the process. From the beginning till the end our talented and fully equipped team will be present to furnish your needs. Our services include:

  • Technical support
  • CAD and Structural engineer’s drawings
  • Equipment supply and conversion
  • Civil engineering, groundworks, and installation
  • In house engineers and workshops
  • Client workshop visits at every stage
  • Fill handover and after-sales support


Solid Build and Vivid Designs

With immense experience, we have been successful in gathering a team of proficient interior and exterior designers that are dedicated to ensuring the finest work. They have the ability to convert your dream ideas or designs into reality. If you were looking for an interior or exterior designer, here your hunt ends! You will be served as per the idea, you wish to have without the worry of going outside and searching for one. Mag box guarantees budget-friendly and on-time delivery without wasting your energy and time.

3.Concept Designs

Realistic layouts and viable designs

When it comes to container conversions our minds are brimming mechanisms with creative ideas and innovation. And in case we fail to provide you with something relatable that you are looking for, you can also provide the idea or design from your end and we will deliver to your need as per your request.

4.Container Sale

Container storage and sales

Other than container conversions we also deal in selling the containers. We attend to a wide range of containers new and used both at reasonable rates.the shipping containers are available in different sizes ranging from 8 ft. to 10 ft., 20 ft., 30 ft.,and 40 ft. in length and configurations. We store these containers in our depot of containers at Sharjah port. If you are wondering about the delivery and handling?  You do not need to as we have you sorted. Our trained drivers are available to deliver the containers at your doorsteps without any hassle and helping you save your efforts, time, and money.

5.Rent Containers

Construction spaces and outdoor spaces

You can take the assistance of Mag Box in renting the shipping containers to meet your needs. You can cater to the objectives to boost efficiency or deliver suitable facilities while on location. Compact and portable offices are ideal workplaces or meeting space to help you and your employees or partners to take care of the business. We ensure the flawless arrangement of every unit while preparation including the excellent, neat, and clean condition.

We take ownership of the handling of the equipment. We have trained staffs for the delivery and handling everything with care, in case something at the site is mishandled and damaged we take accountability for it as well. To attend to your damage, we have a designated maintenance team that will assist you in order to provide a quick and efficient fix. You can convert the container into:

  • Portable Canteens
  • Toilets
  • Site offices
  • Dry rooms
  • Storage room

Top Sectors That We Serve

Mag Box is an experienced firm providing services of container conversions throughout UAE and G.C.C. We have been serving to the top sectors since 2005. With our unique ideas and rigorous efforts, the team possibly brings your vision to life. Mag box is your one-stop-solution, we not only deal in container conversion but also look forward to bigger platforms that are we deliver customized container conversions, renting, storage, and container designing. Our containers are manufactured to strict ISO standards and are solid, strong, and of a robust structure. The top sectors that we serve are:

  • Agriculture & Horticulture

  • Business & Industry

  • Café, Retail & Museums

  • Living & Homes

  • Clubs, Events & Hospitality

  • Construction

  • Defence & MOD

  • Overseas Accommodation & Camps

  • Renewable Energy, Oil & Gas

  • Schools, Colleges & Daycare

  • Self Storage & Removals

  • Healthcare & Facilities Management


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